Motia is an advanced wireless system company producing both wireless semiconductors and wireless system level products. Motia's beamforming technology is a quantum leap in radio technique. It has the capacity to improve the performance of not only emerging wireless networks but also existing installations. This can be directly translated in to an increase in electronic traffic revenue in a municipal wireless access point and 3 G wireless networks.

The beamforming technology is an automatic electronic mechanism which accurately computes signal direction using several antennas. Motia’s beamforming allows for immediate or real-time antenna alignment to a radio signal source. It immediately processes the electronic alignment on a signal data packet-by-packet bases which means, for example, that it can improve the service to thousands of PC or notebook users over the coverage area of a WiFi, or other wireless system, access points.

The company is head quartered in Burlingame California and has operations in Pasadena California and Bristol England.

The Company is using two brand names for the marketing of its products:

Broadreach – addresses using the beamsteering technology for wireless systems, electronic modeules and integrated silicon chips sales

Goldeneye – brings a unique mobile satellite television receiving antenna using the same beamsteering technology